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About Our Family

Neither of our properties has been in the actual Herdic family for over 100 years, but here at the Herdic House, we’ve created a family of our own, starting with our Miele-Wood-Elion family, the founders of the Peter Herdic House and owners of both properties. The Peter Herdic Inn and the Peter Herdic House, both beautifully restored Victorian mansions situated on Williamsport, Pennsylvania’s Millionaires Row, are owned and operated by Gloria Miele, her husband Jim Wood, their daughter Liz Miele, and Bob Elion and his son, Dante Miele-Elion.

Gloria is a graduate of Penn State and started the restaurant with her sister Marcia in 1984. She sets the table at the Inn and plants flowers, and can frequently be found in the evenings behind the front desk at the restaurant, greetings customers and old friends. Jim is an MIT grad who wound up in the woodworking business—but his true passion is breakfast-making on the weekends, as scores of our Inn guests have discovered. Jim has spent 10 years perfecting his popover recipe! Bob is a lawyer who graduated from the University of Iowa and spends his workweek at his law office. But his real loves are stonework and gardening, and he’s been known to take a turn behind the Inn’s breakfast counter. Dante, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, brings with him his experiences from great restaurants and beautiful buildings in Philadelphia.

Gloria and Jim’s daughter, Liz, is a graduate of Brown University (just like her aunt, Marcia). Liz has managed the kitchen at the Herdic House for the past 10 years, and has overseen its transition to a local foods enclave. Liz cooks and makes menus at the restaurant, tends our herb garden and loves talking about the beauty of central PA and the awesome foods she gets from her farmers. (She also loves giving advice on the best nightlife spots in Williamsport, if anyone is looking for some good live music.) When Jim isn’t mixing up his popovers, Liz has been known to make batches of her fabulous sticky buns for our Inn guests—and if you call the Inn, you’ll probably speak to Liz.

Our innkeeper Brooke Styborski has worked at our inn and our restaurant for almost a decade, but, when she decided to scale back her evening hours during the pandemic, we discovered she was a perfect match to help guests relax and reboot at the Inn. Brooke’s attention to detail and passion for making people happy has been honed over years working in the industry, but she brings a host of other wonderful traits to her position as innkeeper—whether she’s texting guests to let them know the smallest of details to ensure a smooth late check-in, making a delicious breakfast with ALL the fresh, local veggies, or sewing quaint, repurposed aprons in her attic nook under the inn’s eaves, Brooke brings a quiet energy and gentle enthusiasm to our inn, and makes all of our guests feel right at home.

Here in our new Herdic family, we enjoy cooking, biking, wine tasting, historic preservation, architecture, cross-country skiing, traveling—especially to Italy—organic gardening, and hospitality. And we’re excited to share those passions with you!

The innkeepers speak English, Italian and a little French.

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